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Violin Sonata No. Five Novelletten for Piano Trio, Op.

Novellette No. 5 in D Major

Piano Trio in F major, Op. String Quartet No. String Quintet 2 Violas in e minor, Op. Appealing melodies, good part writing and no technical difficulties. String Sextet in E flat Major, Op. String Octet in F Major, Op. Poetic and charming, a worthwhile addition to this scanty repertoire. Cello Sonata in f minor, Op. Hans Gal Variations for Piano Trio, Op.

Can serve as a short program work or longer encore. Piano Trio No.

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Piano Quartet in B flat Major, Op. Dominated by its powerful, often pounding, rhythms and contrasting melodies. Vincent Gambaro 17?? Wind Quartet in E flat Major, Op. Fine melodies, solos for all. Philippe Gaubert Franz Xaver Gebel String Quintet No. Reminds one of Beethoven from his early period.

Cello Sonata No. Friedrich Gernsheim Superb recital choice. String Quartet Quartet No. The sound-bites tell the story. Beautifully crafted and original in conception. Engaging themes and fine part-writing. Combines unusual rhythmic and tonal effects make for a lasting impression. A real charmer. Piano Quartet No. Piano Quintet No. As good as the greats, hear the sound-bites. Felice Giardini String Trio Nos. Good parts for all. Concertante with solos for each voice.

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Bach and C. Abel, Giardini's is the most advanced of the set, well ahead of its time.. Paul Gilson Louis Glass String Sextet in G Major, Op. Fine part writing with good melodies. Alexander Glazunov Elegie for Viola and Piano, Op. A fine recital piece Alexander Glazunov Great part-writing, melodies. A 1st rate work. It plays well.

Boisterous and fun to play. An audience pleaser Alexander Glazunov Will certainly triumph in concert but good for amateurs too. Recommended for concert but also for amateurs. Powerful, dramatic, Russian. A fine work deserving of concert performance. Five Novelettes for String Quartet, Op. Suite for String Quartet, Op. Fine part-writing. A real pleasure. Elegy in Memory of M. Belaiev for String Qt, Op.

More music by Robert Schumann

Reinhold Gliere Rich Russian melodies, mesmerizing rhythms, superb part writing. Exotic with wonderful tone color. String Sextet No. Richly tonal, full-blooded and exciting. A masterwork of its kind. String Octet in D Major, Op. Not to be missed by any octet group. Mikhail Glinka Sonata for Viola and Piano in d minor One of the earliest sonatas for viola by a Russian and perhaps the first of the romantic era.

Excellent for the concert hall or home. Easy to play. Requiem for Piano Quintet, Op. Benjamin Godard Makes an exciting recital choice. Superb melody, 1st rate in every way. A top recital choice. Suitable for both professionals and amateurs Benjamin Godard A fine work and good choice for the recital hall. Piano Trio in No. First rate mid-late French Romantic trio. Four Morceaux for String Trio, Op. An elegant, shorter trio. Any movement could also serve as a fine encore Benjamin Godard Appealing melodies and a very exciting finale. A good recital candidate. Alexander Goedicke Piano Trio in g minor, Op.

Karl Goepfart Good concert work. Hermann Goetz Piano Quartet in E Major, Op. Once a fixture in the concert hall. Well-written with no great technical difficulties Carl Goldmark Fresh and original sounding, excellent part-writing. A very effective work. Carl Goldmark Very enjoyable to hear and to play. Should be in the repertoire.

String Quartet in B flat Major, Op.

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After the third of the Novelletten , the chronological arch went back to J. Bach, whose tightly configured, dance-like Partita no. Like a poet at the keys, Helmchen seemed to illuminate it from the inside. Finally, bright and rhythmic works by Chopin and Liszt fell inside the three last Novelletten , which he marked with an explosive finale, charged even further by a huge arc of his arms in the air to finish.

That signalled a mission accomplished, but also marked the creative triumph the Baden concert had been. Our privacy policy was last updated on Monday 24 June View it here Dismiss. Sign in. Video Video home Live streams On demand Concerts home. Events Reviews Articles. How to add your events to Bachtrack. By Sarah Batschelet , 28 October Martin Helmchen. See full listing.

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Reviewed at Druckerei Baden, Baden on 26 October Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Tags: teaching. Comments 5 comments — Leave a comment. I don't have a recording of it, so I just tried stumbling through the piece.

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It's parsecs beyond my sight-reading abilities, but I was able to get the feel of what it's like. It took a closer look to recognize the a b a b a structure of the first theme, though; I suspect it would have been a lot more obvious if I'd heard it played competently! On paper, the last "a" doesn't look like the others; it's at a higher pitch, and in A major instead of D minor. In fact, it was generally the tonality rather than the structure that struck me when I worked through it. Not too surprising; when you're playing something for the first time, "He's going into D flat major??

Typical Schumann trick. Link Reply Thread. If you could even sight read this piece, you must be a pretty darn good keyboardist. Schumann moves back and forth from F Major the home key to A major and Db major--both of which are chromatic mediants of F. And he does it in a way that clearly delineates sections of the piece.