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Fleuridas C. Gasparini W.

Structures urbaines et sports professionnels dans le Sud-Ouest

Hatto R. Lamizet B. Lee M.

Livres, revues EPS collège & lycée, cd-rom, articles EPS collège et lycée - Revue EP&S

Loret A. Mermet G. Morris W. Novikov B.

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3.5.2 General vocabulary

Il attire des teams professionnels. La course peut se perdre ici, mais pas se gagner. When thinking about La Transjurassienne I especially remember a popular enthusiasm rarely found in other races. I really enjoyed it two years ago. I loved this atypical itinerary going from Les Rousses across all the villages. Getting closer to the villagers can definitely promote classical skiing ambiance. For this, La Transjurassienne has an ideal format to promote its own spectacular atmosphere. It is a decisive spot where the race can be lost but not necessarily won.

Dialogue : parler d'une activité sportive

Those are places where it is best to have some energy left. I knew the first part of the itinerary, not so much the part near Bellefontaine. This feeling of coming back to the source through the massif marked me. So I motivated myself to wear the bib again, this time skating the long race. Celui qui est encore frais peut faire un trou. Even if I first practiced alpine skiing, when I thought of cross-country skiing, what I had in mind was La Transjurassienne. My parents did it, my grandfather too. At first, it seemed impossible to finish the race!

And for the past 2 or 3 years it has become the objective of the season. Since I am doing the national races in the Gel Rossignol team, for me it is my chance to shine and climb to the international level, to dispute The Engadin for example. Being from Les Rousses, 2 years ago I was the only Jurassien in the head group.

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Those are strong moments to experience, especially the Opticien climb, a symbolic but not decisive passage. The decisive turning points in the race are made in the Risoux forest and towards the end of the course: you really have to know how to place and preserve yourself. Between Bellefontaine and Mouthe, the decisive spots are not lacking , by the time you reach the Celestine we are pretty worn out with quite a lot of kilometers in the legs.

When Mouthe comes into sight, we are happy to see the end of the race. One day, I hope to be in the fight for the podium there. The script is never written in advance in such a long distance. Opening of the start area: am Les Rousses College. First arrival in Mouthe at am and last arrival at pm Track closure at pm Flower Ceremony at Award Ceremony — Sunday - pm - Mouthe. Opening of the start area: am First arrival in Mouthe at am and last arrival at pm Track closure at pm Flower Ceremony at To go to Lamoura from Morez, take the D69 towards Lonchaumois. Track closure at pm Award Ceremony at pm —Podium, Mouthe.

During La Transjurassienne your eyes are also in danger. Cold weather can cause blurring or watering of the eyes. UV rays can cause a lot of problems like for example burning of the cornea and sunburn of the eyelids. Also a visor can be useful. Those who use contact lenses should also use protective sports sun glasses. In case of really cold weather it is strongly advised not to use contact lenses at all. Opening of the start area from am.

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Les lunettes choisies seront couvrantes et enveloppantes. Peut-on porter des lentilles? Platini ou Zidane du biathlon? En ,. Il ne lui a pas fallu beaucoup de temps pour se. Guillaume di Grazia Eurosport. On gagne un temps incroyable. L'homme aime s'entourer. Tous ses projets sont l'occasion y aventure collective.

C'est le cas avec l'Aix Ski Invitational qu'il organise au bord du lac du Bourget. L'homme aime s'entourer, le collectif est une valeur primordiale chez lui. Une valeur que l'on retrouve dans tous ses projets. Donc, au final, on oublie vite! Retour en images sur la vague bleue. Leur histoire est similaire. Jarl Magnus Riiber n'a que 19 ans. Ni la motivation.

Il est agressif, rapide, courageux, tenace, et il a une bonne technique. Johannes H. Jarl M. Aussi faut-il tout donner pour battre les autres Vous savez, toutes ces taquineries qui rendent les voyages moins ennuyeux. Est-ce trop pression pour vous? Quel est le secret? Finalement, je finis 20e et 25e. Un vrai bonheur! Elles se sont rendu compte que les autres filles avaient deux bras et deux jambes, comme elles.