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Jennifer Rothschild from School Library Journal stated in her review: "The author's writing is elegant, and her full-color illustrations are stunning. A companion, titled Starry River of the Sky , was published on February 11, The new book was published on October 4, In August , Lin revealed that the film rights for the book had been bought. However, she is still not sure if the film will be made or if it will not be made. She thinks it will be made from to If not by then, the film will probably not be made at all.

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Mid-December, Rat and Mole are traveling home from an adventure when Mole senses that his old home is nearby. He and Badger spend an evening there, during which time Mole realizes he still loves the place, but prefers to live out in nature with Rat. Later in the spring, Badger asks Mole and Rat to help him confront Toad about his dangerous automobile habits.

At Toad Hall, Badger tries to speak maturely to Toad, but Toad remains childish and refuses to listen. Thus, they place him on house arrest, guarding him one at a time. Unfortunately, Toad is very cunning and manipulative, and he is able to escape by fooling Rat. He runs to a nearby inn, where he sees an automobile. Unable to help himself, he steals the car and wrecks it. Consequently, he is arrested and sentenced to twenty years in jail. Chapter 7 is a tangent from Toad's story.

When Rat and Mole learn that Otter 's son Portly has been missing, they set out on the river to search for him. It is a beautiful night, and they soon hear some strange singing. On an island, they find Portly with a strange deity who resembles the Greek god Pan. He sings them a song, which they love but immediately forget. Meanwhile, the gaoler's daughter takes pity on the forlorn Toad in prison, and she helps rig an escape for him. He switches clothes with the jail's washerwoman, and uses it to flee. However, he forgets to grab his wallet, so is unable to buy a train ticket. Luckily, he convinces the engine driver to take him.

When the police soon start to pursue the train, Toad jumps off and has to resort to walking. Later in the summer, Rat becomes restless, wondering why so many people leave the river bank for winter. When he meets a sailor named Sea Rat , he almost sets out at sea himself, but is saved from such folly by Mole. Toad comes across a bargewoman, and tricks her into giving him a ride down river. Barthanes tells Rand of fains message - he'll be waiting on Toman Head. Thom's girlfriend is killed by the Kings men. Thom goes off to commit Regicide. Rand and co travel from Cairhien to Stedding Tsofu.

Loial meets Erin there. The elders let them travel the ways as long as Rand promises to look after Loial. When they open the gate, Machin Shin is again waiting. Seeing their possible future lives. Egwene and Min are captured by Suroth. Suroth and Liandrin discuss their 'master'. He then has another Ishy dream.

Rand practises the sword until Hurin returns with word he found Fain's trail. Bayle Domon sits at the docks getting nervous but still waiting for the girls. Rand and co sneak into Turaks palace - and get the horn. Rand fights and kills Turak. When Renna shows up - Eg goes craxy torturing her with the adam. Domon still waits for the girls in Falme, but his crew think they should run - the damane are going crazy. Mat blows the horn. The heroes of the horn appear.

As they are fighting the seanchan - Ba'alzamon appears. He and Rand fight - until He gets Rand in the side, and Rand runs him through the heart. Min finds Rand in Falme. She drags him to a bed and gets in with him to warm him up. Egwene gets funny about it, then Lanfear tells her to look after him. Rand wakes up in a camp with Min and Moirane.

He freaks out about the Dragon banner - but Moirane points out how he fought in the sky above Falme - the world knows. Niall orders Carridin to act like dragonswarn and stir up trouble on Almoth Plain. Carridin finds a Mydraal in his room - ordering him to kill Rand at all costs. Perrin and Min talk about her visions. Perrin goes to see Rand who accidently sets off an earthquake. Perrin dreams of forsaken Ishy?

Where the Forest Meets the Sea – Jeannie Baker

Then the wolves interrupt to tell him 'the twisted ones come'. Trollocs attack, the wolves come to help Perrin. When some of them die, he howls with the pack. He tells how he almost pulled the Mountain down. Moiraine heals him and Lan tells him to suck it up. She sends Min to the White Tower.

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When Bornhald and the whitecloaks try to stop them, Eg freaks out and attacks. Verin tells her off and they ride into TV. Hurin leaves to go start a civil war in the borderlands Tell King Easar about Rand and the girls get sent to their rooms. Siuan sends Leanne away and talks to Verin alone. Verin tells her Rand has declared he is the dragon, and she hides the Horn. A gray man tries to kill Egwene.

Nyn traps it in air and then he is killed. Sheriam desposes of the body. Eg swoons over Galad until Nyn kicks the boys out. Nyn tells Elayne they are hunting the BA and then decides to grab her herbs and heal Mat. As they are about to leave - Elaida barges in. Elaida questions the supergirls about Rand until Sheriam arrives to take them to Mat's healing. They talk and tell him he is not allowed to leave TV. Eg goes through the Acceptatron. Eg comes out of the Acceptatron. Siuan gives her the ring. Alanna esp wants to get close to the TR girls. Mat bumps into "Else Grinwell".

Is she Lanfear or Mesaana? I mean - they follow the directions that Else gave them, and find all the BA Sisters leftovers - all pointing to Tear. Eg goes to T'A'R with the ring. She see's Perrin and is attacked by Hopper and Rand who thinks she is a trick.

She then Need-walks to Tear where she meets "Silvie" and looks at Callandor. Mat gets lucky at dice and wins everything. A grey man tries to kill him. Mat finds a very drunk Thom in a tavern in TV and convinces him that going to Caemlyn to see Morgase would be a better way to punish himself. Perrin spots an Aiel in a cage as per Min's vision and notices a girl Faile looking at him. Perrin walks in on Moirane, then goes to free Gaul from his cage.

He and Gaul kill some whitecloaks, Gaul escapes and Lan is mad that Perrin caused a fuss. Faile joins them. Perrin has a wolf-dream and see's Lanfear defying Ba'alzamon. Rand wakes up - realising he attacked Perrin in a dream. Some DF's attack him, he kills them all then lines their bodies up - bowing to him.

Nyn heals an Aiel Dailin. Nyn has to heal Elayne without herbs. As they are about the escape - the Aiel Rhuarc, Avi, etc arrive and start fighting the Myrdraal. Mat and Thom get off the boat at Aringill. They eventually find a stable to stay in and rescue Aludra illuminator from Tammuz. She gives Mat fireworks. Moir makes Faile swear on her hunters oath to follow.

Perrin and co. Perrin senses 6 gray men and fights them off. Perrin wakes up with Faile staring at him. Moirane returns with the news that Sammael rules in Illian. Perrin shoots one with the bow and Moirane balefires the rest. Mat plays with fireworks and then he and Thom are attacked by four DF's. Mat and Thom get to Caemlyn. Mat can't get in the gate of the Palace so he returns back to Basel Gill's inn.

Mat sneaks over the Palace wall and hears Rahvin telling Comar to catch the girls. Morgase gives the "help I'm a prisoner line" quiet talks in Sheriam's study and Gaebril hands him 10 gold pieces Mat's future wager against Comar. Eg dreams her way to Callandor and Liandrin spots her in t'a'r. Perrin works at the blacksmiths for a bit and is given the Hammer and Moiraine announces that Be'lal is in Tear. Trap, meet Supergirls. Sandar and Mother Guenna are left alive. Mat takes Thom to a healer.

Who happens to be Mother Guenna. Who tells Mat about the 3 girls being captured and taken into the stone. Faile rushes into Moiraines room and triggers the t'a'r trap a little hedgehog. Perrin goes into the wolfdream to get her find her, while Loial guards him.

Mat and Sandar are caught by Aiel while looking at the stone. Rhuarc questions them and then the Aiel scale the walls. Mat invents Explosives well almost and blows up part of the wall. He and Sandar fight some Defenders and head for the cells. Rand hears the explosion - but heads towards the heart. She uses the t'a'r ring and captures the BA holding them in the dream. Young Bull hunts through the dream. He thinks he has found the Falcon, but she vanished. He and Hopper hunt again.

Mat and Sandar fight their way down the the dungeons. Rand reaches the Heart. Be'lal taunts him to take up Callandor. Moiraine arrives and Balefires Be'lal. Moiraine encourages Rand to take up the sword. Ba'alzamon arrives and attacks her. Rand grabs the sword and chases after Ba'alzamon into t'a'r. Nyn swings a great punch at Amico BA which removes the shield on them.

Perrin fights through hundreds of falcons in the dream to rescue Faile. He succeeds but is scratched all over. Rand and Ishy fight in the t'a'r heart. Rand chops Ishy's black wires and runs Callandor through his chest. Rand comes out of the dream and the Aiel and the Defenders all bow to him proclaiming "The Dragon is Reborn". Rhuarc reveals the Aiel are the People of the Dragon. Berelain arrives with a note from Lanfear: "Lews Therin was mine, he is mine, and he will be mine, forever".

Min comes to Tar Valon with 1 book old news and Siuan keeps her there. Dain Borhald arrives at the Two Rivers, realises Fain is a crazy man and wonders why he is there. Suroth is in Cantorin - thinking about how she salvaged the Return and questioning an Aes Sedai damane about Rand. The bubble of evil hits and he is attacked by his own Axe. Matt is playing cards in the Stone when the bubble of evil hits and he is attacked by the cards. Rand dreams of Min and Elayne and wakes to find Berelain in his bedroom ready to seduce him.

Rand is attacked by his mirror images - he fights them off destroying the mirrors. Perrin and Faile go to find Rand. Faile gets jealous of Berelain. He calls for Moirane to come and heal Rand. Thom forges notes impersonating High Lords. Mat comes to his room and Thom plays stones with him - keeping him from leaving. Egwene tells Elayne she can have him. Moirane mentions the doorway to the fins. Egwene and Elayne go to Rands rooms to try and help him learn the OP. They all get their bottoms pinched. Egwene dumps Rand. Elayne hits on Rand and they kiss. She leaves when the High Lords show up.

Lanfear comes to Rand in his room at the Stone - and does the typical Crazy lady thing. The stone is attacked by Trollocs. Rand starts attacking them with his sword. Lanfear confronts Rand and points out that he's not using Callandor. With that he kills all the trollocs in the stone. He fails to help the little girl live.

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Moirane has to heal him. Egwene explores Tanchico in T'A'R. She meets Amys who summons her to the waste to learn dreaming. Moirane shows up with a letter summoning Avi to Rhuidean - and Eg will go with her. Mat and Perrin hear rumours about the whitecloaks in the TR - Perrin desides to go back to help. Perrin gets back to his room and Berelain is there to hit on him. When Faile shows up he makes her jealous so she wont come with him to the TR. Faile chases after Berelain and attacks her.

Rhuarc breaks it up. Perrin turns up to ask Loial about taking the ways to the TR. Faile buts in and forces Loial to take her. Nyn and Lan have a confrontation. When she tells Siuan about the vision, the messages come in: Taim escaped, Rand in Tear. Elaida finds Sahra a WT novice and questions her about. She tortures and kills? Thom and Juilin Sandar turn up on the sea folk ship. El finds out the Windfinder can channel.

Rand asks to enter. When Mat asks, Couladin attacks him. Mat goes through the rings and sees the foxes. Rand sees the Aiel history Pt 1 - back until the first Aiel killed someone. Rand sees the Aiel history Pt 2 - back until Mierin drilling the bore. Perrin comes across the Tower of Ghenjei in the dream. Hopper and Birgitte warm him away. Perrin etc ride to the whitecloak camp and rescue the Luhmans. Rand etc head to Cold Rocks Hold. The Peddler Kadere appears enter stage left Asmo and Lanfear. Rand practises sword with Lan and spear with Rhuarc. Carridin makes a deal with King Alric to seize the Panarch's Palace.

Liandrin knows and him to let her in. Elayne gets drunk and remembers who Thom is. Faile reveals to Perrin she is a noble and Perrin reveals he is the wolf king. Perrin dreams and finds the waygate unlocked. They return to Emonds Field. Perrin starts telling the TR boys stories about his "adventures".

Alanna then heals him. About or so - all killed by arrows. Perrin has to rescue the tinkers from Cenn Buie and co - who are shooting at them. They bump into Gawyn who gets them out of the Tower. On the way through Tar Valon - they find Logain. Avi tries to teach Rand Aiel culture and Kadere tries to 'sell him knowledge'. Rand buys a bracelet to bribe Avi. The maidens think he is hitting on her. Lanfear and Asmo show up in his dream. When he wakes up Avi reveals the wise ones were spying on his dreams. Nyn goes to t'a'r to meet with Egwene and the Wise Ones who teach Nyn that 'need is the key'.

Nyn goes 'need' stepping through t'a'r. Birgitte stops her from attacking Moggy. Perrin and "Zarine Bashere" marry to convince her to leave Emonds Field. Moggy escapes when Jeaine Caide balefires the room. Battle of Emonds Field. Perrin is overwhelmed until Faile shows up with the Watch Hill troops to save the day.

Fain curses "it all would have worked if it wasn't for those meddling kids" or something like that. Then he heads on a mystery trip to Caemlyn and then to Tar Valon. Couladin and Rand reveal their dragons. Rand reveals the truth about the Aiel. The cheifs follow him.

Couladin attacks Rand. Lanfear shows up and curses him - telling him asmo has gone to Rhuidean. Rand and Asmo skim to Rhuidean. They start destroying the place, and both grab the Choedan Kal at the same time. Then it's on like Donkey Kong. Rand uses the fat man angreal to beat him. Lanfear shows up and shields Asmo - telling Rand he will be his teacher. She doesn't notice the female statue. High Lady Alteima comes to visit Morgase in Caemlyn.

Where the Forest Meets the Sea

Rahvin takes an interest and sends Morgase away. Morgase slowly thinks that something is wrong. Aviendha gives Rand a Dragon belt buckle that she made to give to her enemies. She threatens Isendre when she turns up in Rands room. Egwene and Aviendha meet with the Dreamwalkers and Moirane. She and Aviendha are both punished and run laps.

Matt is attacked by Darkhounds. Rand Balefires them — saving Matt's life. Moirane heals Matt after the darkhound attack discovering the foxhead medallion and then tells Rand off for using balefire. Lanfear comes to talk to Rand — see's the CK access keys — and tries to get him to join her. Rand starts the water flowing in Rhuidean. Nyn recognises the yellow ajah symbol in Ronde Macura's shop - and fall into another trap - taking Macura's forkroot tea. The find out that the Amyrlin is after Elayne. After Ronde Macura sends a pigeon - he goes and traces her writing to send another one.

Siuan goes to an inn who's keeper is a blue spy. She gives the code word, asking for a job, and getting mad when the innkeeper asks to see her legs. She hears the clue - Sallie Daera. Min looks on in amazement at the way leanne can charm men. She wants to learn. Siuan arrives and announces they are leaving. Bryne rides into Lugard hunting down Siuan. He finds she left the day before, and reminisces over the time the Amyrlin stood him down.

They stop as they pass Valan Luca's show - Nyn gives him a silver penny. Nyn meets with Birgitte in t'a'r and then with Egwene and Melaine. Nyn meets with Eg in t'a'r. The find out Elaida is Amyrlin and the Blues are meeting somewhere. Eg creates a nightmare and traps Nyn in it. Eg goes to see Rand about Elaida. He is busy with Asmo so she talks to Moiraine instead. Nyn and El are having breakfast when Galad walks in. He leaves when another whitecloak arrives, but Elayne is freaked out and decides to run from him. Liandrin returns to the other BA in Amador to find Mogheiden there. She is ordered to hunt down Nynaeve.

Morgase hears of Rebellion in the TR. She goes to Lord Gaebril who sends her away like a good little girl. Fain finds the dagger in the tower. He runs into Alviarin. They argue about who is the greater darkfriend, but he decides to run away rather than find the horn. Rand listens to Moiraine talk about Cairhein when they come across a villiage destroyed by Couladin in Jangai Pass.

Couladin has left some villagers alive to send a warning to those who followed. Rand finds Avi in his tent - killing a bloodsnake with her belt knife. She gives him King Laman's sword to repay any debts between them. Mat is getting a massage when the trollocs attack. He kills a myrdraal, impressing Melindhra. Rand balefires a dragkar that was attacking Avi. She kills the one about to get him. He talks over the attack with Asmo who thinks it was a lure to prompt him to attack Sammael.

Egwene watches Rand order the Clan Chiefs. Sorilea asks Avi about hooking up with Rand, but she fobs her off. Eg meets with Elayne in the Tower in t'a'r. She dreams herself to Emonds Field to escape. The AS keep asking Min questions until she points them to the two women they do not recognise - Siuan and Leanne. Gareth Bryne Arrives. Bryne arrives in Salidar. He wants "Mara" to come and work for him, but the Salidar 6 suggest he work for them. He realises what they want Build an army to challenge Elaida and agrees.

Min tries to calm Logain down about being surrounded by Aes Sedai. Siuan gives her all of Gareth Brynes chores to do. Kadere misses his sister. Isendre reports how she can't sleep with Rand and has a breakdown. As his kills her, he see's images in his head of when he killed his sister. Rand goes out to look at the river to get away from Moiraine. He returns to the camp to find Rhuarc with Estean and some Cairheinians who tell him Couladin is attacking the city.

He sends them back to warn the city and with a wager that his Aiel can make it there fast. Rand walks in on Avi in the bath. She gateways to somewhere with snow. Avi falls in to a frozen river, Rand pulls her out. He channels an igloo and gets into bed to warm her up. She states: "the rings do not lie" and "I can run no more". They get it on and then Rand starts talking of marrying her. Rand and Avi head back to the gateway. As they jump through the gateway a spear the dragon scepter is thrown after them.

Asmo is there and he tells Rand he let the Maidens know Rand and Avi did not want to be disturbed. Nyn has Thom throw knives at her. She talks with Aludra about her firesticks and then Elayne tells her she thinks she can make an adam. Nyn goes into t'a'r and meets with Birgitte.

Nile River

They talk of the plan to draw Rand to them. She starts taunting Nyn. Birgitte shoots Moggy and she retaliates - sending a black cloud at her, making Birgitte disappear. Moggy "dies" while Nyn cries over Birgittes bow. Liandrin wakes up as Moggy staggers in for healing. Chesmal heals her then Liandrin attacks. Moggy shields her and compels her to live. Nyn comes out of t'a'r sobbing. Thome and Juilin bang on the door with a naked Birgitte in their arms. Nyn tries healing her but fails. Elayne bonds her. Elayne talks to Birgitte about bonding her. Valan Luca doesn't want a freeloader so challenges Birgitte to an archery contest.

Nyn apologises to Birgitte who is insulted and ends up humiliating Nynaeve. Elayne does cart-wheels on the highwire with no Air channelled underneath. Nyn recognises Uno from his cursing "face like a bloody queen" and chases after him. Nyn talks with Uno getting him to curse only every other sentance and he takes her to Masema to try and find a boat. Masema rebukes her for showing so much flesh, but agrees to find a boat. Alliandre is there grovelling as well.

Nyn returns to the show to have Birgitte shoot arrows at her from paces. Rand convinces Eg to channel against the Shaido much to Moiraines disgust. Rand looks through the giant telescope on a tower and examines the terrain and the ballista that Idrien built in Cairhien. Mat comes into Rands test and grimaces to see Nateal there. Lan comes in and asks some questions.

Mat explains the full strategy for how to beat Couladin. Rand arrives and says his goodbyes to Mat. Mat heads off humming along to dance with Jak o' the Shadows.

Fresh Water Meets Sea Water – Boundary Explained

He meets with the Cheifs about the battle plan. He stops them and gives them a battle plan, leading half the horse into attack. He is on the verge of collapse when he goes to see the Wise One's. Lan tells him they are meeting with the other 4 clans and that is is done, they've won. Rand passes out from exhaustion. Mat recovers from healing and regrets teaching the troops 'dance with the Jak o' the Shadows'. Nalesan and Talmanes come up to Mat and pledge themselves to him. Rand can't find his clothes - eventually he spots them - Avi is sitting on them.

Nyn has Galad, Thom, Juilin and Uno come to her with news of a ship. There is a riot with the whitecloaks Galad and the Prophet Masema both trying to sieze the ship. Luca proposes to Nyn. Elayne tries to talk Cerandin Seanchan s'redit trainer into leaving. Cerandin doesn't believe she is a lady and puts her in an arm lock. Birgitte doesn't help and tells Elayne off for lying about being a princess.

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Nyn and El go dreaming. They are chased by a unicorn and then go meet Egwene and the wise ones. They are allowed back as accepted and not punished as runaways. Elayne acts rather stuck-up to Gareth Bryne, who cooly ignores her - asking Uno to train some cavalry and Thom to play stones. Elayne asks min about her visions of Rand.